My blog and I

Music gives shape to so much of our daily lives, whether it floats around us as background noise or streams directly into our ears from our various devices. We constantly attach songs to people, places, and moments, and modify past associations as our relationships and personality evolve. Our mental archive of songs is an ever-expanding, complex network of memories and emotions (peppered with some badly remembered lyrics, for comic effect).

What remains constant, though, is the thrill of exploration — those unexpected moments when you first hear a song that stays with you.

I LOVE MUSIC! It is an amazing way to express yourself. It always bring a smile to my face whenever I am able to listen to music. I enjoy listening to music in any occasion.  While I do chores, while i do my homework, on long road trips, or just to make me smile.

My blog is to share songs whenever you feel certain emotions or are in certain moods and how to help with certain emotions.

Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Music Blog


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